Tuesday, 25 October 2011

NAC and FSE Powered Armour

Following on from the Japanese powered armour from September, I have painted up two more sets of the GZG powered armour, old style NAC and FSE. In both cases I have beefed up the squad support weapons. The original ones were a bit meh in my opinion. In fact, the FSE one was almost indistinguishable from the standard trooper. I'm not sure if this is the norm or my figure was a miscast, but I couldn't see any difference. I scanned around in my bits box, but had nothing of the right size. Instead I turned to a set of the GZG RAM Mortars. A few quick cuts and files later and we have something much more impressive.

FSE PA Squad
NAC PA Squad

Both sets were undercoated with Tamiya fine grey primer. The NAC suits then got a very simple Knarloc Green scheme with an orkhide shade wash and then a Devlan mud wash. Visors are blood red with a dab of red ink. Guns etc are Chainmail and Boltgun. The NAC suits have Windsor and Newton Texture Medium on the bases, which is waiting to be painted. I totally forgot that they still needed doing until I got them out to be photographed. The texture medium is funny stuff - a bit like slightly gloopy toothpaste that you can add to the bases. It has small bits of pumice in it to give a rough texture. I tend to use it quite sparingly, but Robin over on the Gruntz website uses it a for his figures to great effect and has a couple of tutorial videos on how to apply and texture it.

The FSE suits were painted with Coat d'Arms paints, using the WW2 US army paint set. They had a base coat of the Buff Brown with Desert Tan and Olive Drab camouflage added. Visors are the old GW Electric Blue and the markings are various GW colours. All suits have a Devlan mud wash.

The NAC suits are fine, if a little dull. The FSE suits are quite muddy, and the camouflage didn't come out at all how I wanted. I've based them up in the usual way now, but may strip them back and start over in due course.

GZG have recently re-sculpted and re-released the NAC suits, but I think I actually prefer the old versions.


Jay said...

The FSE suit camo looks great to me. Blends well with the terrain they are walking on.

Robin Fitton said...

Very nice work on the power armour. I really like the green scheme. I painted some of these a while back by my scheme was very grey and basic. These bring the figures to life more.