Friday, 12 July 2013

Matchbox Armoured Response Vehicle

A while ago I posted some WIP pictures of the Matchbox Armoured Response Vehicle that I was lightly converting for use as a colonial police vehicle. I've recently gotten around to finishing up the paintjob and applying decals to it. In the end I was stumped for suitable Police markings, so instead I used some GZG UNSC ship flags (which appear to be OOP) I had lurking around, and various Fighting Piranha warning signs, numbers and hazard stripes.

The UNSC flags make pretty good police or security crests, and aside from anything that actually says "Police", I think they look pretty good.

I added a spare M2 .50 calibre machine gun to the top from a 15mm  WW2 Command Decision Sherman M4A1, and it's interesting to see this alongside the weapons from other manufacturers. The "Ma Deuce", as the M2 was known by GI's, fires a shell bigger than my finger and is definitely a vehicle or tripod mounted heavy support weapon, but the one shown below is smaller than the assault rifles some of my 15mm figures carry!

I also noticed some white flecks on the windscreen after I varnished it. I think these are actually accumulations of matt varnish on tiny pieces of fluff that got stuck to my satin basecoat. I'm going to remove them and gloss the windows.

here's some pictures with figures for scale.

 I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. I have two more to do, and the conversions and paintjobs are nice and quick to do, so I should be able to have a nice little fleet of them soon. Along with the two Dodge-Tata Zebu Patrol Cars and the GZG Fan Van I picked up at Salute, I'll have a nice little motor pool for my Colonial Police.