Friday, 21 October 2011

15mm Terrain from IMEX Hexagon kits

A while ago I was pondering the IMEX Hexagon and Platformer kits as potential sources for 15mm terrain. I had seen some of the terrain that was used in the Gruntz Demo games and recognised it as being constructed from these sets.

So, when I saw two unopened sets at the bring-and-buy at SELWG for £5 each I snapped them up.

Here we have Katrina of the NVL showing us a few of the resulting pieces. First up we have a... thingy... Designed to be an objective, or a bit of scatter terrain, it's a simple build that can be all sorts of things. Power node, rescue beacon, grundulating trundulator - whatever.

Next we have a very bijou hab unit, with a couple of additions from the GZG Buildings and accessories range.

Finally we have the power station, again with a few GZG additions. Don't press the red button!

I'm very happy with the way they've turned out and have several more waiting to be painted and based.


Anonymous said...

Those work. Quite nicely.

inrepose said...

Fantastic work! I have a couple of these kits and I have not yet thought about using some of the GZG add-on kits. Great combo.

GJD said...

You could also use the extra perts from The Scene too.