Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Crusty Mecha Part 2

Back in August I posted some pictures of the conversion work I'd done on the GZG Crusty Mecha. I've now completed and painted it.

I tried to capture the battered, worn look seen on the original inspiration.

Paints were GW Chaos black undercoat and a couple of drybrushes of Boltgun, Adeptus Battlegrey and then a very light Dheneb Stone. Details have a white basecoat and then blazing orange highlights. The "eyes" are scorpion green. There are a couple of panels, details here and there and some markings in Midnight blue. The whole thing then got a black wash and then a targetted Devlan Mud wash for grimy bits. The base was done in the usual way, Bestial Brown paint, PVA, Brown ballast, PVA, flock, cork boulders and Silfor Tufts.

Overall, I'm really happy. I think it captures the well used look of the original, and the revised torso blends in well.


Dan said...

O man o man, that is one sexy mech, love it, I have just recieved an oder of Crusties, when I have finished my Felids I will be working on them, great inspiration.

Basement Gaming Bunker said...

That looks great! I took my Crusties a different direction, but anyone going the District 9 route needs to see this post.

Chris K.

John Bear Ross said...

Excellent conversion and paint-up.