Sunday, 21 August 2011

Crusty Mecha

GZG recently-ish released some heavy support for their not-prawns-from-District-9 Crusties, in the form of the "Crusty" Mecha.

I picked this up at Salute 2011, but wasn't terribly enamoured with the legs, which seemed a bit too static and flimsy for my liking. The weapons also seemed wrong to me.

The original mech had quite a prominent, forward pointing thorax and digitigrade legs (there is an awesome Lego version here), so I set about modifying my version.

I don't have any WIP pics, but here is the end result, minus one of the missile pods which has disappeared under the table for now:

Basically, I have cut the torso down slightly and sawn off the weapon on the right arm. It's been replaced by one from a clicky Mechwarrior of some kind. The legs have been replaced by legs from one of EM-4's Steel Warrior, and the thorax is made from the body of the same mech, chopped in half and flipped over, with some wooden parts to add width and a bit of articulation.

It was a fairly fast and dirty conversion, but I think it's given the model a very different feeling.

GZG are about to release a smaller and more true to the original version, as they previewed on Dropship Horizon recently. This one is a monster, standing about 60-70mm tall, so a true mecha in 15mm, rather than an exosuit of some kind.


Dan said...

thats a great looking Mech, you have made good use of the em4 parts well done, I still have that particular em4 Mech in the to do pile, heres how I used the others,

John Bear Ross said...

Great conversion. Looks very daunting.