Friday, 26 August 2011


As I previously mentioned, I recently got married. Our honeymoon took us to Kauai in Hawaii and San Francisco. Of course, when in San Fran we had to take the Alcatraz tour.

On the way in there was a large model of the island as it appeared during it's time as a high security prison. I had plenty of time to look at it whilst in the queue and couldn't help thinking that it was about 15mm scale....

The island is now a national park, and was famously featured in The Rock with Nic Cage and Sean Connery. I played "spot the film scene" whilst wandering around, but most of the action in the movie seems to have taken place in areas that tourists aren't allowed into.

The who area has a slightly run-down and derelict look that reminds me of Half Life 2. Was looking for Barnacles here and there...

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