Thursday, 25 August 2011

X29 Blockhead Powered Armour

Another fairly rapid paint job here on some CMG X29 Blockhead PA suits from their Mercenaries range.

I really like thse miniatures, but wish there was a bit more variety in the weapons. The two sets have only 6 poses, of which only 1 has a different gun to the others. To me, the regular weapons look like some sort of flamer, and the heavy weapon, held by the chap on the far right, looks like some sort of cutting laser.

I may well get another pack and raid the bits box to produce a couple holding some sort of chain gun or missile pod.

Paint job is fairly basic, black undercoat with various greys drybrushed over it, as I want to use these chaps as "generic" PA squads. The red "eye" is not terribly realistic, but gives a bit of colour and contrast to them.

The chap on the far right has slightly different basing materials to the others. I've used Windsor and Newton artists texture on his base instead of my usueal PVA/brown ballast mix. The artists texture is interesting to work with, but slow to dry. If I have a lot of models to base, I think I'll just stick to the PVA/ballast/flock.

All of them have got a few small Silfor tufts added and some small cork boulders to add interest.

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Dan said...

They are pretty nice figures, I was going to use them as heavies for my Khurasan Mekanoid based army.