Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Techs and Workbots.

A couple of little specialist teams for Gruntz now. Figures are GZG SG15-V04 Techs and SG15-V13 Workbots on a 30mm round base. Figures are painted with an assortment of GW paints and washes.

They are based together so I can use them as specialist teams in Gruntz that can fix critical hits and repair vehicles and mecha. They have a generic paint scheme so I can use them with any (human) faction. I have another 4 workbots and 6 techs, so I'll probably do another 6 specialist units, four more with workbots and two with two technicians. These can be used to represent more techies, or medics or any kind of non-combat teams.

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