Thursday, 18 August 2011

Secret wedding project

A couple of weeks ago, at the end of July, I married my amazing and beautiful partner of 4 years, hereafter known as Amazing Geek Girl or AGG. She and I originally met at work and bonded over our shared love of geek culture. We found we enjoyed the same books, films and TV so when we moved in together we found we hade duplicates of loads of books and DVD's.

However, there was a period during our relationship when neither of us had rvealed the extent of our geek credentials. I was terrified that upon discovering that I collected Japanese giant robot kits and played with little lead men and tanks that she would run a mile, so we spent most of our time at her place. Eventually she began to ask why I wasn't inviting her to my house, not realising that it was, in fact, one giant, untidy, man cave/geek-den.

So, whilst driving through the wilds of Crystal Palace one day I broached the subject by saying "I have something a bit embarrasing to tell you. I collect japanese toy robot kits". I was prepeared for her to run screaming in horror, but instead, she burst out laughing and took her wallet out and showed me the picture of the robot on it, and told me how much of a geek she was too. All was well, romantic music ensues.

So, in honour of that moment, the theme of our wedding was Robots and Ivy - the Ivy because AGG loves it and it traditionally represents the values of fidelity and friendship. We had lots of Ivy around the venue provided by our florist and the robots were represented by movie posters from films and TV shows with robots in them Metropolis, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Wall-E, The Iron Giant, Star Wars, Bender from Futurama, Daleks from Dr Who, The Terminator, Transformers, Forbidden Planet and Westworld (we also told everybody there was a special Geek prize if they could work out which poster was the odd one out and why).

I also scratchbuilt a custom cake topper for us:

I can't take credit for the design, which I originally saw on this Etsy store, but the construction and painting is all my own.

It's made from various shaped pieces of wood and balsa stock, with a bit of Greenstuff here and there. The wood pieces were from hobby craft, and are various balls, wheels and pawn pieces. The arms are made from cut down dollhous bannisters. The bowtie and lapels are just thin balsa sheet cut to size. The base is made from a two more substantial pieces of balsa cut into a hexagon shape (because hexagons make everything more sci-fi).

I basecoated it with Tamiya fine basecoat, then airbrushed it all with Tamiya flat black. I then sprayed it with Humbrol polished steel. This is the first time i have used that paint and i was intially dissapointed at the dull colour and dusty finish that came out. I then re-read the instructions and saw that you are supposed to leave it for a while and then polish the paint.... After a good hour or so i went back and attacked it with an old toothbrush - the effect was quite startling as the paint transformed from an accident in a toner factory to a rich, polished but aged finish. I was very impressed and used the rest on some scenery pieces i've had lying around for a while.

I then painted various parts with GW Tin Bitz and highlighted them with Brazen Bronze and Shining Gold. The dress and the bow tie got several washes of thinned magenta ink, and when this was dry I freehand painted the silver and gold ivy on the dress.

Several coats of GW hardcoat sealed everything in and the secret wedding project took pride of place on top of our wedding cake.

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