Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Older 15mm stuff

Some shots from the archive now. AGG took these pictures as part of a photography course she was doing about 18 months ago. These are the first ever 15mm figures I bought YEARS ago. The chaps here in green were part of a Laserburn set that came in a giant ziplock bag with figures, dice and maps, Assault on Tarim Towers, I think. The paintjob is a simple green ink wash with brown camo splodges. Details picked out in chainmail, black, flesh and a few other colours.

These chaps are more guys from the Lazerburn range, now carried by These are the Blackguard (DUM DUM DAH!). I took the name literally and painted them black. The skulls motifs were picked out in bleached bone with a brown wash. metaly bits are the ubiquitous chainmail. Very eeeevil looking.

The next lot are GZG Kra'Vak that I bought to be Kafers from 2300AD. The paintjob here is even simpler: white undercoat, old GW Armour wash on body and old GW flesh wash on the heads and hands, pick out the guns in Chainmail. I was going for speed, clearly. They aren't great paintjobs, and I'd undoubtedly do better now, but it got them on the table fast.

The next lot are GZG UNSC hardsuits. I painted these in two batches. The first half were sprayed with a light blue that I got from somewhere and then ran out of. I then had to mix a batch of matching light blue to hand paint the rest of them. I got a pretty good match, I think. They then got a wash of grey-blue to pick out the details and some black and chainmail accents on visors and guns. The light blue was supposed to be like the modern blue helmets and berets that troops operating under the UN banner wear. Again, not a great paintjob, but it got them on the table fast.
I used all of these guys in a number of games of Stargrunt II. I loved the rules, but everybody else hated it, especially the chits on the table to mark quality levels. Oh well, horses for courses and all that.

The last picture is of a Brigade Models dune buggy. At the time it was part of their Israeli forces, but now it's French. Its brown. And spotty. My camo patterns (and ability to paint the right bits - look at the over paint on the side of the canopy - shocking!) have improved since then.

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Jay said...

Your figures will be perfect in "the heat of battle!"