Friday, 23 December 2011

Seasons Greetings

Well, it's that time again when our noodly master, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, decrees we should all have some time off and relax. I, of course, obey my carbohydrate rich master and so have 2 weeks off work. I have plans for a number of posts in the new year, including some scenery projects I'm working on and my planned entry for the Ambush Alley Strikeforce competition. In the meantime, lets do a year in review for Glue In the Carpet.

On the gaming front it's been a bit slow. The halcyon days past when I would have a ready crew of fellow nearby gamers is past and I think I've probably managed less than one game a month. In that time I've been active in the playtesting and design of Gruntz, and had some of my writing included in the rulebook, decided to give up on Flames of War and then failed totally to sell my mountain of US miniatures, taken up 6mm gamin and replicated my mountain of 15mm WW2 US figures in 6mm....

The modelling front has been much better. My parents gifted me with an airbrush and compressor last Christmas and it has been a joy to learn and use. I'm still very much a novice, and I've stripped more than one set of paint that just didn't cut the mustard. AGG's suggestion for a new painting station was a stroke of genius and has meant that I can now paint as an when I please, without having to disrupt the whole house to do so. I'll do a post on it in the new year. I've also expanded my repertoire of techniques and now regularly use weathering powders, decal softeners and setters, various basing mediums scatter and static tufts which I think have improved the quality of my figures no end.

I did try the frugal gamer challenge last year - no buying new figures until I had painted what I already had - but failed miserably, with two entirely new 6mm forces and more new 15mm Scifi than I can bear to think about. I'll have another go next year, and limit myself to profits I make from the sales of unwanted hobby products, I think.

The last year has seen some major changes for me personally; I married AGG and had an amazing honeymoon with her in Hawaii and San Francisco. The wedding day went to plan with only minor hiccups (she got to the registry office before me whilst I was in the pub with my best men...) and was exactly the day we wanted. On the work front, the company I worked for was bought out and many jobs were lost, including many people that I've worked with for a number of years. My role is safe and there are even opportunities for advancement, but it's still a shame to see friends go. There were also a number of periods of illness in my family, including my mother being hospitalised three or four times - although all are fully recovered now, I'm pleased to say.

So, to wrap up, I'd like to wish everybody happy holidays and may the new year bring you health, prosperity, happiness and noodly goodness. 

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