Friday, 9 September 2011

GZG Japanese Powered Armour

Another relatively fast paint job for the GZG Japanese powered armour. Black base coat, grey drybrusing and a black wash. A few details picked out in GW chainmail and boltgun. I remember spending ages trying to find a away to make the squad support weapon on the second chap in from the right look more intimidating, without much success.

The leader also got an attempt at some sort of lightning or electricity running up and down his blades - not sure it's entierly sucessful, but it was worth a go.

I quite like these miniatures, the little sensor pods on either side of the helmet remind me of teddy bear ears, and after i realised that i found it a bit difficult to think of them as fearsome death dealers and not just go "ahhhhhh - how cute". Quite kwaii, as the otaku say.


Basement Gaming Bunker said...

You could try painting the casing of that support weapon red (like the eyes). It would stand out just a little more, and red is never a friendly color. :)

Great job on the minis. I picked up a unit not too long ago, and I'm thinking about using them as power armor for my old RAFM Aslan minis.

Chris K.

Kobold said...

Darn, I wish you hadn't mentioned the teddy bear ears ... that so reminds me of some of the local youffs' fashion for wearing panda bear eared hats - very popular amongst young Chinese/Japanese girls though I have seen some boys wearing the same sort of hats.

I like the electro-katana, nice effect.