Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Teeny Tiny Spacemen - 6mm Scifi

Not much text to go with this post. I have a selection of 6mm/1:300 sci-fi armies that I use for Future War Commander. The ruleset has recently been picked up by Pendraken, along with Blitzkrieg Commander and Cold War Commander, so I'm hoping it will be available and supported again soon.

Most of the miniatures are Ground Zero Games, with a small selection from Dark Realm Miniatures and assorted bits from the clicky Mechwarrior Dark Ages.


GZG Grav APC's

GZG Grav tanks

Missile tanks and MRLS artillery. Hulls are GZG. MRLS is from a Mechwarrior click and missile turret is Old Crow.

HQ, command, FAO, FAC, Sniper, auto mortar and recon stands. 

HQ stand GZG APC and old Ogre light GEV.

five stands of infantry with attached smart missile (top left) and heavy laser (top right)

Heavy laser team

Smart missile team

Scouts and power armour.

Mechwarrior Clix power armour


Silent Death fighters used as gunships.

GZG Dropship

New Israeli

Command, HQ, FAO, FAC, Recon and sniper units.

HQ stand with a hoverjeep and radar equipped Wombat APC. The radom is a wooden "mushroom" shape.

FAO (front) and command stand (rear)

Five stands of infantry plus heavy laser (top left) and smart missile (top right) attachments. 

Mechwarrior Clix Power Armour


GZG Wombat APC

GZG Blower (left) and Goliath (right)

GZG Rommel

GZG Rommel hulls with Zandris missile turrets

Automatic mortars made from GZG cannons

Clicky Mechwarrior APC's

WIP Pax Arcadia

Pax Arcadian Gunship.

(L to R) Tiger light tank, 3 x Ramjack APC's, Petard artillery, Rampart heavy tank, Tigre light tank

(L to R) WIP jungle troops x 2, two buggies and HQ stand with modified Petard. WIP industrial infantry x 2

Buggies and HQ

WIP industrial troops

WIP Jungle troops

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