Wednesday, 9 March 2016

A funny thing happened on the way to the Blog...

Anyway, as I was saying....

Yes, things have been a bit quiet around here for a while. The Empire of the Dead campaign we had going on sort of fizzled out after our fourth game at the end of last summer (a batrep of which may or may not show up one day). Since then I have managed to get in only a single game of Bolt Action (my first, in fact) which I actually quite enjoyed. It's nice to be playing some 15mm WW2 again.

In the meantime I have picked up no less than four new rule sets, Frostgrave, Dragon Rampant, Black Ops and the finally delivered mountain of stuff that is Dungeon Saga.

AGG and I are in the process of building warbands for Frostgrave, and I've been making batches of Hirst Arts blocks out of plaster to create some extra scenery. I have also dropped a small fortune on GF9 Battlefield in a Box and Pegasus Conflix pre-painted scenery. I also have various types of wallpaper and some sheets of 1cm blue polystyrene to try and make some cobblestone street tiles. If we ever get around to getting figures on the table it should at least look spectacular.

For Black Ops i have picked up some very nice 15mm Professional Militia from Peter Pig's AK-47 range. I also got a pack of the Battlefront SEAL teams from their Vietnam range which make nice SF operators. I also have some modern US on order from QRF. I managed to find some cheap chinese kits of Apache's and Blackhawks at The Works, and a 1:100 EH-101 helicopter from Skyfall on Ebay for just £5. I'll be building some shanties out of corrugated art card as well as cannibalising various aquarium plants for jungle terrain.

For Dragon Rampant I've been slowly building an Undead, Dwarf, Orc and possibly Hobgoblin warbands. More on these later.  

Hopefully normal service will now be resumed.

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Simon Quinton said...

Look forward to it :)