Wednesday, 22 February 2012

10mm Fantasy

A bit of a diversion from my usual Sci-fi offerings now. Some 10mm fantasy, Pendraken Tribal Lizardmen and Kallistra Dark Elves.

I picked these up at Salute a few years at the same time as my gaming buddies also bought 10mm Fantasy armies. We had Undead, Dwarves, Barbarian Tribes (with Bison cavalry) and my Liazardmen with some Dark Elf support, as the Lizardmen were a bit understrength compared to the others.

After many years of pointedly NOT getting around to painting or playing any of the armies (the Ginger One said he'd "tidied them away" which is Ginger Code for thrown them out), I decided to paint up the Lizardmen and Dark Elves so I could at least play against myself in some solo games.

I bought the Pendraken Tribal Lizardmen army bundle, and six packs of the Kallistra Dark Elves (if you bought five, you got one free). The liard dudes were all undercoated with the old GW Ogre Flesh and then given a watered down green ink wash. They were then drybrushed with a series of lighter greens from Orkhide Shade, Gnarlock Green and finally a very light Scorpion Green. Wood, metal and so on were picked out with Calthan Brown and boltgun.

The Dark Elves are mostly still unpainted, apart from the one chariot above. They have quite intricate uniforms that will take a while to do, unlike the "everything green or brown" lizards.

I have also picked up a small army of Dwarves as well, and just done a test paint on a few of them that I'm very happy with. They may get some Orc opponents at Salute if I can broker a deal...

One thing to note is that I changed the way I do my bases after these guys. The bases and the basing material I used here is very light, and the flock is quite coarse and vivid green. I now tend to use a much browner basing material and finer flock as well. I don't think this is all bad, but it does look a bit arid, like a Mediterranean type terrain.

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