Friday, 17 February 2012

Kitbashes Part 3

Continuing in the theme of diecast toys re purposed for 15mm Scifi we now have a very nice 6 wheel APC which appears to be a French 6x6 VAB. The original model was painted in a tan and brown camo pattern, but in gloss colours, with a nasty pearlescent grey plastic missile turret at the back.

I've repainted this with GW foundation Adeptus Battlegrey and then created a fast and dirty (literally) urban camouflage pattern with light grey, white and black. The turret is made from spare machine guns from a Flames of War US M13 MGMC, the wheel from an Androidz toy and the chopped off base piece of an Old Crow cannon that was used in the great failed hairspray and salt WW1 tank experiment. It also got a spare bumper and sand mat (the round thing on the front) from a Flames of War M3 Halftrack glued to the front.

I have 3 more of these and I've just bought some remote turret accessories from Ground Zero Games, so I'll be able to field a mixed force of missile and cannon armed variants. I've also just seen on TMP that Hasslefree miniatures are now doing waterslide decals, including hex nets. For ages I've been wanting to work out a way of replicating the hexagonal pattern urban camouflage seen on the CELL troops and equipment in Crysis 2. Short of cutting out dozens of tiny hexagons myself to do an airbrushed pattern, I couldn't see a way. However, I might have to get some of the Hasslefree transfers and see what I can do with them.

The next one up is a veteran of conversions. I know of at least two or three other websites that have showcased conversions and repaints of this little gem. It's a Matchbox Armoured Response Vehicle.

I got this in a pack with 3 soft plastic figures, a giant cannon of some sort and a very large and boxy HMMWV clone. The HMWWV I'll compare to some other 1/72 HMWWV's that I have and if it's in scale I'll probably repaint for moderns, as it's much too big for 15mm Scifi.

Not much conversion here. I added a spare hatch and .50 HMG from a 15mm WW2 tank (a Command Decision M4A3 Sherman, to be exact) and the winch and bumper from a Flames of War M3 halftrack. The paint is GW Mordian Blue and Shadow Grey with a watered down badab black wash. I'm looking around for some police or security decals to apply to it before I do any more weathering, and there are a few places that need a touch up here and there. I've got another one of these and they're going to be my Security/Police armed response unit.


Dan said...

very cool conversions.

Chris said...

The 6X6 is great, and I like the look of the police truck as well.

Zahir said...

I think the 6x6 is becoming a bit of a veteran now too. I'm on that bandwagon!

Don M said...

Very nice work!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding really inspires me