Thursday, 29 March 2012

Odds and Ends

A few odds and ends that have been rattling around for a while no. The first is a WIP on some GZG UNSC Light Infantry. These were the first codes to be released, and they didn't include a missile launcher at first, so the chap on the far right below is a quick conversion from the prone SAW gunner with a length of styrene tube added to make a PMS/L system. The colour is a basic blue, but I may add some contrast with either a funky dark blue/light blue urban or digital camo pattern or maybe just pick out the knee, elbow and shoulder pads. The visors are about 6 or 8 layers of green ink over black, letting the ink pool slightly at the base of the visor.

The next are a couple of Androidz toys I picked up at an end of line sale at Toys R Us. I thought I'd give them a go, as they were only £1 each, They've been lightly modified with a spare machine gun and Gatling gun from the now defunct Mad-Max/Carwars style game Krash from Cell Entertainment. I've actually painted both of these since this picture was taken, and they look.... OK.

Next we have another kitbash waiting to be painted. Again, this is from Poundland and featured a giant moulded plastic propeller on the back and a pull-back-and-go motor inside. I opened it up and did a rotor-and-motor-ectomy on it. The engines on the back are now actually the die-cast metal inserts from the Androidz above, which actually look quite good as some sort of turbine or jet engine. I've also added a spare missile pod from a 1/72 Apache kit and a spare machine gun from an old Dark Future car. It's basecoated and just waiting for a paint job. I'm thinking probably some sort of desert tan and earth colours, with a big sharks mouth on the front.

Next are another couple of tank kitbashes. These are French WW2 tanks, a Char-B and Renault R-35 Tankett in 1/76. Both have had various Tau weapons added to them and are awaiting their paints. I'm reluctant to try the salt and hairspray technique again, after the last failure, so may resort to more traditional weathering methods.

Finally we have a shot of my painting station, a genius idea by AGG after she moved in. It's an Ikea laptop desk which is fixed to the wall in one of the alcoves beside the chimney breast in my dining room. It's also my entry into the Benchvent show us your workspace competition.

It holds all of the hobby stuff I need to hand, and can close up and not look hideous when not in use. Previously I used a big (2' by 3') 1/2" thick board with edging on it and foam pads on the bottom as my hobby tray, to avoid drilling more holes in the table, but this meant getting it out every time I wanted to paint, and then packing everything away again as soon as we needed the table again. With my new painting station, and a couple of Really Useful Boxes with paints in divider trays, I can set up and pack away in just minutes.


CPBelt said...

So looks like I'm not the only one using plastic bowls to store my scenery materials! They make life so much easier.

Jay said...

Nice imaginative work, especially the eerie visors on the light infantry.

Noel said...

I really like to see how other make use of normal stuff for the hobby.

Here is a link to my post on a desk I use.
This is not meet to over shadow, but to see what a great idea your desk is.

Really good stuff, keep it up.


Lead Legion said...

That's a lot of variety there. And some really good use of random material.