Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Androidz re-purposed.

A while ago I showed you the bargain bin Androidz toys I picked up with a view to re-purposing as 15mm mechas. When last we saw them they had been modified slightly and I advised I had painted them. They've now been completed and weathered as well.

The first of the two is a Security mech. He got a GW Mordian Blue and Astronomicon grey (I think) two-tone paint job, with bits and pieces of black here and there. Decals are from GZG (The UNSC flag) and Fighting Piranha.

The second is the Ash Wastes mecha, which got an Adeptus Battlegrey and Charadon Granite colour scheme, blended with Caltharn Brown and Dheneb stone. Metallic parts are Leadbelcher with old chainmail highlights (my old chainmail - from the original Citadel Paint Set is now a very, very shiny silver and great as a highlight colour)

They are OK, I guess, but their origins as toys are worn very close to the skin. I like the clunky aesthetic of them, and they remind me a bit of the very first Fury and Eddy Dreadnought armour that Games Workshop brought out years ago - better than the boxes on legs that they have now. I could have spent a lot more time cleaning up the mould lines and filling in gaps, but they were meant as a quick experiment to see what I could make of them, not meant to be compared to my other mid-scale mecha from Rebel, CMG and so on. Viewed in that light, I'm quite happy with them.

To continue with a theme, I've also statted them up for Gruntz:


Meaux said...

Those turned out great! Nice work. Now I have to find some for myself...

Gunrunner said...

I think you've succeeded with these. I get the point about toys, but I think they look absolutely fine, so well done!