Sunday, 8 April 2012

15mm WW2

My local gaming group are in the process of moving from 15mm WW2 with Flames of War to 6mm WW2 with Blitzkrig Commander. As a result I'm selling all of my old 15mm stuff.

I bought a load of Peter Pig figures a while ago to make up a US rifle Company, but never got round to doing anything with them. With Salute on the horizon, and my gaming coffers somewhat depleted, I knuckled down and decided to paint and base all the US rifles to sell as a job lot.

Here are the results, three rifle platoons and an HQ section. 133 2nd world war US GI's in 15mm.

 I also repainted my 105mm field artillery battery at the same time:

All are currently for sale on Ebay:


Infantry Company

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