Sunday, 29 January 2012

New Kiev Defence Force part 2 - Infantry and Support

The footsloggers for my NKDF are from the excellent Oddzial Osmy NVL, purchased through Fighting 15's here in the UK.

All figures got a GW Chaos Black basecoat and then an overspray of Army Painter Camo Green. They were then painted using the Coat D'Arms WW2 US paint set, also purchased from Fighting 15's.

These paints are much more liquid that I'm used to, so needed a bit of getting used to. They covered well, though, and the colour choices gave for a good, military feel (as they should do!). GW flesh, black and boltgun metal were also used. The figures then got a Devlan mud wash and were based in the usual way.

Foot infantry with LMG and LAW's

Heavy Rifles - I'm using these as an assault squad armed with automatic shotguns. They get spiffy gold Oakley style sunglasses.

Command figures.

ATGM teams with laser designators.

Specialists. Chap in the centre has a laptop, and the chap on the right has some sort of tricorder/techscanner thingy.
 At SELWG last year I picked up a CAV mech from a bargain bin for £1 as it had damaged packaging and was supposed to be missing parts. I couldn't see what was missing, but thought for £1, you can't really go wrong. he mech was painted in the same way as the vehicles in the first part of my NKDF article, but I tried to add some battle damage to it. There are a few paint chips here and ther, but with the chocolate chip pattern in the camouflage, they just sort of blend in. Nevertheless, for £1, I think the NKDF got a bargain!

At the moment they are waiting for a warm, sunny day when I can varnish them all, so are languishing in a temporary storage location. Here's shot of them all together, with an interloping GZG Bulldog scout car and the dead marines, both from my last TW batrep:


Umpapa said...

Really well painted!

Jay said...

Very nice. First time I've seen any 15mm Oddzial's figures painted. They look great.

brutpaul said...

They look great! Love the Mech!

Basement Gaming Bunker said...

Love the figures - you've convinced me to add them to a future army. The mech might be a little undersized for 15mm, but its paint job is fantastic.

-Chris K.

Randall Case said...

Nice paint job. I might steal it for my Neo-Soviets just with green web gear instead of leather. By the way, what varnish do you use? Everything I've seen mucks up the paint job with some "cloudy" film.

GJD said...

I use GW hardcoat first of all, a couple of thin coats, which leave a slightly shiny finish, then I use Testors Dullcoat. The Gloss varnish gives strength, and the matt is really only there to take away the shine.

The trick is to spray in a warm, dry environment and use LIGHT coats. A couple of misted coats is MUCH better than a heavy one. The mist comes from trapped air bubbles in thick coats of varnish, so better to go light and multiple.

A trick I also heard was that if the varnish does cloud, a re-spray of gloss varnish will get rid of the cloudyness. Apparently the solvents required to make gloss varnish gloss will release the trapped air. You can then hit it with another coat of matt.