Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Salute Loot

I attended Salute 2013 at the Excel centre in London last weekend. I failed to take a single picture, but many of my co-bloggers have written fine write-ups. I'd point you to The Angry Lurker and Wargaming Girl for two with plenty of pictures.

I managed to pick up a few bargains at the show, and came away well within my budget, which was nice. All images below are from the respective vendors websites (aside from the first one, obviously).

First off are some extra laser cut 15mm pre-painted building from 4-Ground Designs. I managed to get these at a show discount of 20% off, which was nice. I've also had some super service from 4-Ground in that our new puppy, Buster the Destroyer (title added by me), a springer spaniel, managed to get hold of the roof of one of my previously constructed building and chew it up. I contacted 4-Ground and they have generously agreed to send me a replacement!
Buster The Destroyer and AGG. Buster on left.
I picked up the semi type 2 and terrace type 2 as well as the stone walls set. Very nice buildings that fit together well, and once you have the hang of construction, go together quickly and easily. I plan to use them for Bolt Action in 15mm with my old, re-based Flames of War figures. Next pay packet I'm going to pick up another couple of sets, probably the shop and terrace type 1.

I also picked up a bargain haul of  Uncharted Seas ships from Spartan Games. One of the dealers, and to my annoyance I didn't remember which one, was having a clearance sale on all their Uncharted Seas stuff. I got Shroud Mage starter and Orc Starter (second wave of models) for £10 and £15 each, both at least 50% off. I also picked up a brace of blister packs as well at between £3 and £6 each, again, savings of between 25% and 50%. I was most chuffed with this. I have decent sized Orc and Shroud Mage fleets, and these will bulk them up nicely.

My next set of purchases were from Ground Zero Games. Some of their new Ranger and Rover vehicles, which will be painted for civilian use as explorer and survey vehicles. I also picked up one of the Fan Vans, which I have been lusting after for a while. This will get painted in the same grey/Blue as my other security vehicles.

Next I picked up some bits and pieces form Antenociti's Workshop. First was a pair of Zebu Patrol cars, once again for my security forces. These are really nice little miniatures full of an amazing level of detail and character. I really like them. I also picked up some of the Medium Advertising Screens and plasma screens, which are designed for 28mm, but work just fine for 15mm. They include some nifty graphics to attach to the screens showing nicely hi-tech and futuristic displays.

Lastly I picked up some of the Star Marines and Praesentia RAL Phase Shifters 1 and 2 from Critical Mass Games. I also got a set of their MaskFX sheets with Hexagon shapes on them, which I am really looking forward to using on my ZAS forces from their recent Kickstarter.

A nice haul of loot which I am really looking forward to painting up and gaming with.

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Gunrunner said...

And what a good haul GJD! I would like to get some of those new GZG vehicles myself when they become generally available, and the Atenociti stuff is just brilliant!