Tuesday, 19 July 2011

As I was saying....

Two posts in three years is rather sorrowfull, so I'm going to try and up the pace a bit. I'm getting married in just under two weeks, so I'll try to get a couple of work in progress posts up between now and then and really try and get my act together after that.
I've been following and contributing in a small way to the development of Robin Fittons Gruntz rules over at http://www.gruntz.biz/ and the version 1 set of rules has been released. I first tried Gruntz at SELWG in 2009 or so, where Robin had a very nice board set up opposite the GZG store (and uxing GZG figures in a nice bit of cross marketing). The game is a nice, simple, elegant and fast paced sci-fi skirmish game aimed at 15mm. The rules are simple and very customisable, as the core rules includes a unit builder which allows you to create stats for any figures and vehicles you are using from any manufacturer. I'll be stating up my own collection of GZG, Khurusan, Brigade, CMG and Rebel miniatures with a view to some 2300AD themed battles of TFL versus Kafer in the Hotback outside of the Tanstaafl colony on Aurore.
Current projects:
6mm WW2 US
6mm WW2 Finns
15mm GZG OUDF with headswaps
15mm GZG UNSC Light Troops
15mm CMG Protolene Khanate
15mm GZG light wheeled vehicles
Tron Clu Command Ship conversion (£1 each at The Entertainer - BARGAIN!)

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