Wednesday, 2 September 2009

New Blog

The Wayland Sector
New blog. Lets see how this goes.

This blog aims to be a little bit of a few things, something about my gaming hobbies, something about my modeling hobbies, something about my attempts to write and something about things I find interesting or amusing.

First of all, the map above is maybe for a new campaign for the excellent Future War Commander created using the spiffy downloads from here. I'm probably coming at this from the wrong direction, starting with a not terribly ground combat friendly map and trying to wrap some fluff and rules around it, but the tools at the Court Jesters site were easy to use and the results so nice I needed to justify them to myself somehow.

We've played a few games of FWC now and I've really enjoyed them. The rules are not too overbearing, and they encourage combined arms, so we've been able to play with infantry, tanks, AFV's, gunships, snipers, recon troops and all sorts of other fun toys. The only slight dissapointment I have is that they don't feel especially sci-fi at the moment, but we have only played with two reasonably vanilla forces so far. I'd like to see some sort of C3 warfare as well, drones, hackers, jamming and so on.

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